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Vipers and Barbarians clash for Bengal Cup

It is time for a mouth-watering derby in Kolkata. The Kolkata Vipers play the West Bengal Barbarians in a juicy clash for the Bengal Cup, Tuesday afternoon. The match will take place at the Kalyani University grounds at 0230pm.

The match offers both the Vipers and Barbarians an opportunity to test their combinations and play for confidence in this contest.

Ronit Banda is set to star for the Vipers as their quarter back. Ronit was a revelation in the first season of the EFLI, packing a mean punch in his compact form.

EFLI is conducting a series of matches both in the traditional American Football and the Flag Football forms to build momentum ahead of the season start in November.

The Vipers and Barbarians have been hard at preparation this past week, testing skills and building up strategies for this important game on Tuesday.

A few hundred students will turn up at the university grounds to cheer their stars to victory. The contest is expected to be an intense battle between two equally endowed teams.

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