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Punjab and Chandigarh set to clash in a game of American Football

The prelude to the All India University Games in Punjab is set to include an exciting game of American Football. The Chandigarh University team is set to host the team from Punjabi University patiala in a one-off game at the Chandigarh University campus.

The match will be the first in what the EFLI hopes to make an annual tradition for American Football in India. The Chandigarh University team is happy to host one of the finalists of the All India University games and the tradition will take off with the game between Chandigarh and Punjab.

The winners of the game will be awarded the Chandigarh University Cup, soon after the game is contested on August 21.

The Chandigarh University has also come forward to host the team and officials for this event at their campus. They shall also host a press meet ahead of the match, the schedule of which is to be finalized shortly.

It is likely that Mr. Gopi, could be the Head match referee for this contest between Chandigarh and Punjab.

After organizing a very successful league for Basketball under the banner of the Universal Basketball Alliance, the EFLI is moving rapidly to launch the football season with action and fanfare.

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